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DSB History

Back around St. Patrick's Day in 1994, the Diablo Sandwich Band made it's inauspicious start as a two piece acoustic act playing in an Irish Tavern. As the band continued to play, and the number of people coming to see the show increased, so did the number of pieces in the band. Adding a bass player, then a drummer, then a keyboard player, and then a sax player. And on the night before Thanksgiving in 1995, the band played it's first show with a horn section. And every show since has featured the full DSB line up.

In the years that have followed, the band has been booked in Connecticut, in New York State, Long Island, and Manhattan, throughout Eastern Pennsylvania, all over New Jersey (especially on Long Beach Island), in Delaware, and in Maryland, bringing its emphasis on fun and its well known crowd sing-alongs to each show.

And at any show you can hear soprano sax, alto sax, tenor sax, trumpet, flugel horn, trombone, clarinet, and flute accompanied by guitar, bass, keyboards, percussion, and drums as the band runs through it repertoire of ska, swing, reggae, blues, rock & roll, soul, funk, rhythm and blues, disco, and alternative music. The band uses that wide mix of instruments to offer a set list filled with songs that really come alive with the band's full orchestration.

The band mixes together its lineup of songs that includes music from the big band to today, with songs from the 60's to today’s top hits.  Everything from rock and roll, to swing, to disco, to Top 40 dance music, to funk, to ska, to reggae, to big band, to punk, to whatever!! 

So consider the Diablo Sandwich as sort of the Jambalaya of Sandwiches. It is a mix of ingredients, full of authentic flavor and spice. With a down home feel that says, "Leave your formalities at the door and get ready to enjoy yourself"! The Sandwich Band has been serving up good times since 1994, and we're not ready to stop yet!


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